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The Point Man

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Point Man
Written by: James "Patches" Watson and Kevin Dockery

Chief Petty Officer James "Patches" Watson was there at the start. One of the first to come out of the famed Underwater Demolition Team 21, he was an initial member - a "plank owner" - of America's deadliest and most elite fighting force, the U.S. Navy SEALs. Through three tours in the jungle hell of Vietnam, he walked the point-staying alert to trip wires, booby traps and punji pits, guiding his squad of amphibious fighters on missions of rescue, reconnaissance and demolition - confronting a war's unique terrors head-on, unprotected.....and unafraid.

This is the story of a hero told from the heart and from the gut - an authentic tour of duty with one of the most legendary commandoes of the Vietnam War.

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Walking Point
Written by: James "Patches" Watson and Kevin Dockery

Chief James Watson's experiences as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam thrilled readers in his popular war memoir Point Man. Now, the decorated SEAL portrayed as "Patches" in Richard Marcinko's Rouge Warrior is back with more incredible stories of SEAL training and combat in the United States and around the globe, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Jungles of Vietnam.

In Walking Point, Chief Watson recounts the history of the SEALs, from their inception in 1962 through his three tours of duty in Vietnam, and discusses the SEALs today. As a SEAL, Chief Watson was part of the U.S. military's worldwide Special Forces, responsible for fighting guerrilla-style warfare and training local forces in advanced combat tactics. One of the first SEALs to come out of the famed Underwater Demolition Team 21, the chief was awarded sixteen combat decorations, including four Bronze Stars.

Known for their incredible combat skill, the SEALs are one of the most elite sectors of the military. This time out, Chief Watson takes readers along with SEAL Team Two, Sixth Platoon, as they perform treacherous diving missions, penetrate POW camps, learn how to arm a "baby atom bomb," block seaborne supply routes, develop intelligence on enemy positions, and interrogate prisoners.

SEALS TOP SECRET #2 - Operation: Shoot and Scoot Fiction
Written by: James "Patches" Watson and Mark Roberts

Give a SEAL a target...then get out of his way. The snafus only happen when others get involved - like incompetent officers and gung-ho CIA spooks.

First Platoon is being called upon to clean up the Company's mess, as preparations get underway for a daring rescue of four CIA field officers from a heavily guarded POW junle facility. But this time the enemy knows the SEALs are coming, and they're ready to repel the assault with everything they've got. A top-secret op has been blown to smithereens, leaving America's best warriors with only one recourse: to strike sooner, harder, and to even the long odds with devastating fury and fire.

SEALS TOP SECRET #1 - Operation: Artful Doger Fiction
Written by: James "Patches" Watson and Mark Roberts

A brutal guerrilla jungle war is about to move to a terrifying new level. The army of North Vietnam is armed and ready to throw nuclear weapons into the bloody mix. The CIA uncovered the plot but it's the SEALs who have to defuse it.

Going covert, Alpha Squad. Team Two SEALs must penetrate the enemy's protected heart like a stiletto, with a swift, sharp and deadly precise stab into the North. With one false move, this secret war within a war could explode with a destructive force powerful enough to shake the world. But for a courageous squad of SEALs trapped in the green heart of Hell, the gravest, threat of all to their mission and their lives is rocketing toward them from behind U.S. lines.

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